Annual Giving

The Alumni Fund is the annual giving vehicle through which Yale alumni, parents, and friends can donate flexible funds for the University’s current use. Founded in 1890, the Alumni Fund is the oldest, and one of the most successful, annual giving programs in the country.

Gifts to the Alumni Fund provide current and immediate support for the University’s most pressing needs. Unlike restricted endowment funds which can be used only for limited purposes, Alumni Fund gifts can be used anywhere on campus to address opportunities as they arise. Yale relies on Alumni Fund gifts to moderate the cost of tuition, maintain need-blind admissions, support student life, renovate the residential colleges, and conduct a host of teaching and research activities.

Why the Alumni Fund is important to Yale:

  • Giving to the Alumni Fund helps Yale maintain its need-blind admissions policy, which promises that all qualified applicants will be accepted regardless of financial need. 
  • Gifts to the Alumni Fund help soften the rising cost of tuition each year. Since Yale aims to provide all students with the most up-to-date technology, facilities, and curriculum, educating a student at Yale is increasingly expensive, but remains relatively stable at about twice the tuition bill. 
  • Annual giving is an important complement to restricted funds which make up the bulk of Yale’s endowment.